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The melodic minor scale and its modes jazz guitar online. This video is lesson of harmonic minor very easy and simple with tab. For instance, if you want to play in the root of a, you should start at the 5th or 17th fret, for the root of c, you should start at the 8th or 20th fret, for the root of eb, you should start at the 11th fret. Guitar practice the harmonic minor scale life in 12 keys. Harmonic minor scale building chords last week we introduced the harmonic and melodic minor scales. The arpeggio in the harmonic minor scale is a minor major seventh arpeggio. Oct 27, 2016 in this lesson, im going to use the three basic kinds of minor scales. The harmonic minor scale is obtained by raising the b7 of the natural minor scale by a semitone. I have added piano fingering marks for the right hand to the sheet music to help you. Like most of the examples in this book, they are written. This scale is a favorite among shredders like yngwie malmsteen, steve vai, joe satriani, and marty friedman.

Its important to note that the harmonic and melodic minor are variations of the natural minor scale, and so understanding how to harmonize the natural minor scale with 7th chords is the place to start. There are many many instances in which this scale is applicable, but since this is only an introductory lesson, i will not be diving too deep into the theory. This week we are going to build on the harmonic minor. How to use the harmonic minor scale over a minor 251. You can play along with or sing along to the mp3 for ear training and to help you hear if and when you are making a mistake in a scale or mode enjoy mp3. Where the harmonic minor scale comes from, and when to use it. Guitar scales and modes explained easy shapes, licks. If you still havent read the pdf tutorial on understanding minor keys make sure you do so before watching the video. Mostly the trick is to start the lower strings with 1 2 4 if there is a whole step between the first 3 notes. Learning the harmonic minor scale simplifying theory. The pattern is built by ascending 3rds through the shape in this, and other, keys on the guitar. There is a sample lick included at the end of each mode description and fingering so that you can hear and play these modes in a musical situation. I made a call on the enharmonic spellings in the various keys in an attempt to make each mode easier on its own.

In these 3 licks i hope it will change how you view the pentatonic scale and most of all give you ideas. Two octave harmonic minor scales for the clarinet all keys, with key signatures a harmonic minor d harmonic minor g harmonic minor c harmonic minor f harmonic minor b. You could play these licks over a iivv blues progression where a7 is the i chord, d7 iv chord and e7 v chord. The scale is called the harmonic minor scale because it is a common foundation for harmonies chords in minor keys. Nov 23, 20 the harmonic minor scale is often used in neoclassical, gypsy and jazz music.

Don mock melodic minor revealed free download as pdf file. There are certain things your mom probably taught you not to do. What are the chords in the harmonic and melodic minor scales. It can be useful to think about what fingers to use to limit the amount of positions switches per position. This scale link is incredibly useful and easy to play as it utilizes repeated fingerings. The audio examples play all 3 minor scales in turn the natural is 1st, then the harmonic and finally the melodic. This resolution is typical in the minor harmonic context, because it doesnt exist nor in the natural major harmonic field as in natural minor.

Combining the pentatonic scale 3 licks with tab pdf youtube. In the diagrams to the right you see one octave of an a natural minor scale contrasted with the harmonic minor. Nov 22, 2017 heres a pdf and an mp3 of all the melodic minor scales and the modes. Here are some examples of minor iivi lines using the harmonic minor scale. Using minor and major pentatonic together effectively minor and major pentatonic work great together in major keys and can say a lot more than if you were to just use one scale. The harmonic minor scale another commonly used minor scale in jazz is the harmonic minor scale. This lesson will help you build licks that move smoothly between the two scales, in a blues context but you can use what you learn in any style. Aug 07, 2015 now lets combine the notes of the minor pentatonic and major pentatonic scale and create some soloing ideas. Im tryign to writre a solo for a song and i need some ideas. This is a very distinctive and dissonant scale, and is difficult to use in standard jazz and rock contexts. To help you get the sound of this scale into your ear, here are four ii v i lines, 2 short and 2 long, to learn and add to your solos.

This gives this scale an exotic sound which we hear all the time in neoclassical metal, but it is at home in the blues too. The two licks below use notes of both minor and major pentatonic scales. These patterns will ignite your solos and licks with a new intensity. The general application, and creation of licks from the scale of harmonic minor. The harmonic minor scale was created when composers wanted to create minor sounds but still retain the powerful resolution that comes from the major v i cadence a natural minor scale has a minor v chord. In this final instalment of our series on the modes of the harmonic minor scale, we consider the scale known as the super locrian bb7. The harmonic minor scale for jazz guitar theory, licks. Harmonic minor scale 3 notes per string jens larsen. The solution below shows the a harmonic minor scale notes, intervals and scale degrees on the piano, treble clef and bass clef the lesson steps then explain how to identify the a harmonic minor scale note interval positions, choose the note names and scale degree names. Use the scale chart generator below to help you learn the harmonic minor scales in any key and just about any kind of guitar. It has an attractive, almost middleeastern or spanishlike quality to it. The harmonic minor scale is a very interesting scale, with a very interesting sound.

The harmonic minor scale is the most recognizable guitar scale. Learn to create and combine melody from the harmonic minor, natural minor and the minor pentatonic scale tastefully into your solos and. One of the best ways to internalize shapes is to apply a pattern to any scale youre working on. Slide up a half step with your first finger when playing the lowe, d, and b strings. This you play the dic minor lines minor licks for you to learn. Below is a threeoctave harmonic minor scale link that will take you over half the neck. Start by learning each line as is, then take them to other keys and other positions before adding them to your jazz guitar solos. The only difference between the harmonic minor scale and the natural minor scale is that with the harmonic minor scale we raise the seventh scale degree a half step. In this lesson i want to show how i might use harmonic minor on the dominant in a ii v i resolving to a major tonic. If you liked this article please let me know and consider joining our facebook.

They usually have a sort of dark yet exotic sound when used yngwie malmsteen uses them. Jun 14, 2017 the harmonic minor scale works great over minor iivs. The g7 is the dominant of cm, so i am using c harmonic minor over this chord. The harmonic minor scale is simply a major scale with lowered 3rd and lowered 6th tones. Thanks for joining us for handson jazz guitar, volume 8. Cm o a d m shape 10 xx 10 12 12 1011 cm shape 12 x x 1514 e lt 8 7 8 8 8 e. Harmonic minor licks key of cm o em sh ap ec l 8 8 1st lick 10 11 10 dm sh ap ec l 10 xx 10 12 12 12 em sh ap ec l 8 9 12 9 8 8 10 e. Intro to the harmonic minor scale community guitar. It works over all three chords because the notes of these three chords exist within the scale. To use it, simply play the harmonic minor scale built off of the root of the tonic or root of the i chord so for a minor iivi in c minor, play a c harmonic minor scale. Jul 06, 2015 garrets guitar lessons hows your harmonic minor scale coming along. These two licks are in the key of cm and revolve around the em shape and the am shape. A good way to create interesting lines is to combine triads in pairs.

As always you can download a pdf of the examples here. The harmonic minor scale is a regular ol natural minor scale with one exception. In classical theory, the descending minor scale is dealt with by flattening the 6th and 7th degrees. The next table shows the correspondence between the root of the scale and the fret on the guitar where a certain scale should be played. In chordal terms this means that vi and vii would both be major on the way down, but now we need to update our notation. We can obtain additional examples of harmonic functions by differentiation, noting that for smooth functions the laplacian commutes with any partial derivative.

Introduction to the harmonic minor scale zombie guitar. In this video guitar lesson we will begin to study how to play the harmonic minor scales on the fretboard. Heres a practice pattern that you can apply to the first mode of harmonic minor. Intro to the harmonic minor scale one way to think of the harmonic minor scale is as a natural minor scale with a raised 7th degree. Apr 17, 2016 just a simple alteration to the natural minor scale gives you the harmonic minor scale. Oct 12, 2014 here is an overview of the harmonic minor scale in the key of c, using the 3 notes per string system. Learn the note names all harmonic minor scales in table form, in all 12 circle of 5ths keys, including single and double accidental theoretical keys home mobile view scale. I also want to have a little sweep picking involved.

The context that harmonic minor scale mostly appears in solos, riffs or arrangements is when a chord v7 solves in a minor chord. So what composers did in order to be able to write effective chord progressions in minor keys was create a harmonic minor scale. This video is going over 5 minor ii v i licks demonstrating some of the scales. The harmonic minor scale is one of the most difficult scales to play because of the large interval between the flat 6th and raised 7th degrees and interval of an augmented second, same as a minor third. The g7 is combining the bdim which i also used in the previous example with the augmented triad. As weve been doing, well break it down in the key of e, and then well adapt it to g, a, and b and have some fun with that with over the backing track. In this lesson im going to show you how you can spell out the underlying harmony with a single note lick. Often times, in a iiiviiiv progression, we are looking at the iiivi as the minor. But also rock guitar players like to step outside of the pentatonic or minor scale now and then and add this kind of middle eastern sound to their solos to keep things interesting. How to harmonize minor scales with 7th chords learn jazz. Haupers, steve prosser, roberta radley, and dave vose 2002, berklee.

Besame mucho uses harmonic minor for a strong spanish feel. The harmonic minor scales are used in all types of music from classical to metal. In this scenario, im weaving back and forth between a blues and a harmonic minor. Once you get this concept, its easy to understand that a minor major seventh arpeggio is just a minor arpeggio with a raised seventh. Fm7b5 related to a g root gives us a chord with a b9 and a b. In this lesson, we will provide you with licks that you can use right away for. Minor refers to the quality of the arpeggio, while major refers just to the type of seventh in the arpeggio. The g7 is combining the bdim which i also used in the previous example with. Combining minor and major pentatonic scales guitarhabits. Using minor and major pentatonic together effectively. Songs with harmonic minor and melodic minor the gear page. The intervals between the notes of a harmonic minor scale follow the sequence below. As gnem says caravan has a harmonic minor vibe, but it has a lot of chromaticism too hard to pick out the purely harmonic minor elements unless you know what youre listening for. Sidney bechets petite fleur uses harmonic minor more consistently, to give a vaguely gypsy feel.

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